NORDIC EMBASSY is an international business development consultancy with a deep specialism in the Nordic region. We enable companies outside the region to expand into the Nordic region.

We help develop your strategy for these markets and play a hands-on role in its execution. We’ll assist you in closing deals and we will help you set up a permanent in-country presence through local subsidiaries, partnerships or acquisitions.

NORDIC EMBASSY offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs. We cover every stage of market expansion, from validating your opportunity to supporting and growing your business in the NORDIC region.

We will be your 1-Point of Contact, your local Representative, your Embassy on ground in the Nordic region!


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NORDIC EMBASSY serves as a single point of contact coordinator for any activities, concerns or inquiries related to your Nordic businesses. Nothing is too small, nothing is too large!

The Nordic Region is a great region with great potential, combined it’s the 10th largest economy in the World! It is also a complicated region, with 5 countries, 5 currencies, 5 languages, 5 legislations and 5 different cultures. Understanding the challenges that comes with these facts is important, knowing how to address them, is even more important.

Managing subsidiaries, partners, collaborators and other stakeholders from distance is difficult, especially in the initial phases of entering an unknown territory. If the territory consists of 5 countries with 5 currencies, 5 languages, 5 legislations and 5 different cultures, the challenges are even greater.

By having NORDIC EMBASSY as your local representative on hand to deal with whatever issues arise, you will be able to respond faster and more effectively to your partners’ needs while reducing the burden on your head office. Going from multiple points of contact to one single point of contact is the most cost-efficient way of entering the Nordic Region. NORDIC EMBASSY is here to help!

We will be your 1-Point of Contact, your local Representative, your Embassy on ground in the Nordic region!


“Claus’s skills set can best be summarised in 3 words – ‘a natural retailer’. He’s comfortable generating practical solutions to address tactical challenges as well as creating diverse and sustainable long-term business strategies. Therefore, I can recommend him to any business operating in the ever-changing and dynamic retail environment”

Ralph Cunningham
Group CEO, The Hamleys Group

“It is my conviction that Claus is an excellent retailer. He has demonstrated a great insight in both customer behavior and in people management. He has a hands-on-attitude and the capacity of handling multiple challenges simultaneously and I would recommend him to anyone”

Steen Engelbrecht
CEO, Bovictus A/S · Former Advisory Board member at Build-A-Bear Workshop

“NORDIC EMBASSY has provided comprehensive customer and competitor insights that has made a significant difference to our business. It has given us a better understanding of the Nordic market place and enabled us to work more efficient and targeted pitching new customers”

Carsten Faergegaard
CEO Boffi Scandinavia